Mobile Hotspot is a wireless portable router device that connects any WiFi enabled device (smartphones, tablets, PCs) to 4.5G internet without any cable, installement or software requirements. By using a Mobile Hotspot you will avoid expensive data roaming charges and you won’t have to seek free WiFi anytime you need an internet connection.

You can connect up to 10 devices (tablets, phones, laptops etc.) to Mobile Hotspot. All the connected devices will share the connection speed, so all devices connected at a time could slow down your connection noticeably.

The Rentwifiturkey Kit includes a mobile WiFi device, an extra battery, a USB cable, a user’s manual, a USB wall plug.

The SIM card included with your device is intended to be used with the device provided to you.

If you lose anything within the Rentwifiturkey Kit, you need to inform us as soon as possible. You will be responsible for the costs of missing parts.

The fair usage limits are set by the operators. If you exceed the fair usage limit, no extras will be charged and the connection will remain as 4.5G speed.


Rentwifiturkey partners with the leading mobile telecom operators in Turkey to provide you fastest and most secure connection available. Rentwifiturkey pocket wifi works anywhere with mobile network coverage which means all over Turkey.

RentWifiTurkey offers great coverage on land, but maritime coverage will vary on your distance out at the sea. Our costumers can use Rentwifiturkey pocket wifi / hotspot , wherever there is mobile phone coverage. As far as you are close to the coast, you will have a 3G/4G coverage. We have many happy guests who used the RentWifiTurkey Kits on cruises without any problem.


Airport, Hotel or Airbnb options are available. For further details, click on Delivery Options tab.


Return cost is covered by us as long you return using one of the methods below. There is a returning bag in the box. please place the box with accessories in the returning bag. You can choose one of the below oıptions to ensure safe return of the devices and avoid any
additional charges:

1. Hotel reception:
we will arrange pick-up from the hotel after your departure and contact the staff for return arragement.
Your hotel can be different from the initial selection, and out of İstanbul.

Please return the device before passing through passport control.

After passport control it is not possible to return except sending from your country at your cost.

2. İstanbul Atatürk Airport (IST):
You can drop off to Emanet Bagaj / Left Luggage is located in international arrival floor.

3. İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW):
you can drop off to EMANET BAGAJ / LEFT LUGGAGE is open 7/24 .
For any info about returning in other place that you specified please contact us by email
info@rentwifiturkey.com / tel: +90 (531) 087 90 72

Best regards Rent Wifi Turkey team.

Airport, Hotel or Airbnb options are available. For further details, click on Delivery Options tab.


You can cancel your reservation without any penalties. (free cancellation)

Please  contact us  if you want to make any changes regarding your reservation.

It is always possible for you to extend your rental. To do so, you can always contact us.